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Sampler Issue

Welcome to the new, interactive Aquila Style, and this special sampler edition of our magazine.

‘Aquila’ refers to ‘intelligence’ in Arabic, and Aquila Style fills a rapidly growing niche, serving the needs of modern Muslim women who did not – until now – have a magazine just for them.
This sampler issue features a selection of our finest fashion editorials and an assortment of articles, offering you a glimpse into the world of cosmopolitan Muslim women.

A full issue of Aquila Style explores the triumphs and challenges that modern Muslim women go through. We share the experiences of Muslim women so that together we may find ways to bridge the various facets of our lives. For more fashion goodies and an array of articles from Islamic history to halal travel, and from matters of the heart to matters of our faith, pick up one of our monthly issues.

Living happily and comfortably in today’s world is all about striking the right balance – between modernity and spirituality, family and career, learning and doing, sharing and experiencing.
We want to pave the way towards further understanding and appreciation because we believe that, for all our differences, we all want the same things in life:
Happiness. Empowerment. Love.