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Ramadan Issue

Dear Readers

So, we meet again in another Ramadan. Blessed are we who receive another chance to find peace and be the best we can be.

This year, we present our 5th annual Ramadan around the world feature. Though we are all separated by distance and language barriers, we don’t wander far from where the heart is. Whether it’s about a cherished Ramadan memory or a special Ramadan tradition, family, in some shape or form, is always involved. A special tip of the hat goes to our participants in this year’s global snapshots feature.

Ramadan is what each of us makes of it. In The power of abstinence, Elest Ali mentions the “spectacularly empowering” spiritual realm, where there is always a second chance. Amal Awad writes on The Ramadan detox, where the Holy Month presents us with a time to “take stock, review and junk the stuff that isn’t good for us”. Not forgetting the family is Mariam Mokhtar, whose Child-friendly iftar recipes promise to bring the brood to the kitchen in various meaningful ways.

Access to food is a luxury that many in this world still cannot afford. For citizens of Sudan, this human rights issue is being addressed by a group called To Sudan With Love. Working hand-in hand with Sudanese diaspora communities, they bring sustenance to their people For the love of a nation, shares Sara Salem.

We are a wasteful lot. Our respect and appreciation for food sometimes, quite literally, goes to the dumps. Supermarkets tend to be overly sensitive about quality, and thus they throw out heaps of food unnecessarily. Enter an alternative way of consuming and sharing. Four “freegans” speak to Sya Taha to explain how Food foragers find freedom.

Don’t call her an activist, but Nur Khairiana binte Mohamad Malek keeps herself busy by educating Singapore’s Muslim community to be more mindful of the environment. Planting A fresh seedling in the minds of those she meets, she shares her insights on grassroots work, Ramadan and being young.

Next, meet composer Suad Bushnaq, who spoke with Meaghan Seymour about her approach to writing music, the influence of her family and the importance of giving back in “Composing is in my blood”.

In the spirit of the Holy Month Afia R Fitriati selects a few precious gems of wisdom passed down, One sunnah step at a time, by our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). And Yarehk Hernandez speaks of becoming more human after enduring great tests to our willpower. Muslims, he says, are Reborn in Ramadan.

We wish for nothing more.

Ramadan Kareem!