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Love Issue

In our Love issue this year, we feature subjects that bring meaning and passion to our lives. Why all this talk about love? Because Love is the Blood of Life, shares Amal Awad. It is a driving force running through our bodies, keeping us on our toes yet weak in the knees with its power. Amenakin uses this notion to Muse on Marriage, examining how the love between couples can be a powerful catalyst in earning the pleasure of God.

The Pink Revolution: Overthrowing Sexual Violence, Arwa Aburawa talks to activists and experts to get their perspectives and advice on this issue. This month also marks the one year since the people of Yemen toppled their dictator in the revolution, ushering in a new era for their nation. Tawakkol Karman is our Fabulous Muslimah of this issue and Amal Awad brings us The Champion of Yemen’s Revolution: Tawakkol Karman.