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Inspire Issue

Welcome to the first issue of 2013! Kicking things off on a positive note, Aquila Style begins with our annual ‘Inspire’ issue.

We are delighted to have two of our regular columnists sharing their experiences on how they get their creative juices flowing. In The Essence of Inspiration, Amal Awad muses on this ubiquitous yet often vague concept. Next, Zinah Nur Sharif invites us to her world of creativity via Roads to Inspire, sharing the possibilities of what an open heart and mind can stimulate.

Rocking our socks too is Leila Khaled: Daughter of Palestine. The poster girl of the fight for Palestinian freedom remains dedicated to her country and its people today, writes Arwa Aburawa through her conversation with Sarah Irving, author of Leila Khaled – Icon of Palestinian Liberation.

On that note, here’s wishing you an inspirational year!