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Inspire Issue

Welcome to a brand new year! We are blessed yet again with a new chapter in life, another chance to be the best that we can be. What are your new ideals, goals and motivations? Let’s exchange notes at You might just win yourself a prize if yours is chosen as letter of the month!

If you’ll pardon the cliché, it seems like only yesterday that the Aquila brand fully embraced the digital realm. Today, we have planted our flags in more countries than we ever imagined with our website, eased our way into many more Balenciaga bags with our digital magazine and – peeking into our Facebook page now – we have well over 400,000 in our social media posse. Needless to say, my team and I are very thankful that our hard work and dedication continue to be redeemed by our readers. We feel very blessed indeed to have the opportunity to do what we love!

We are sure that you are armed with your own bunch of dreams, too. Just in time for a fresh new year, Fatimah Jackson-Best shares her little secret on How to Reach Your Goals… with a vision board. After all, there is nothing like the power of visualisation to get you closer towards achieving your heart’s desires. Then, let your dressing reflect your success by adopting Shea Rasol’s 2014 Fashion Resolutions. It’s all about making the most out of a select few types of clothing and accessories that will breeze you through the year.

In our pursuit of successes and chic dresses, let us not forget our sisters – all girls and women around the world – who continue to face all sorts of assaults and harassment. This month, we put the spotlight on domestic workers from Indonesia. Every year, many of them leave their country to earn an honest keep, only to have their hopes dashed by unbelievable forms of abuse, from the mentally draining to the physically shocking. Mariam Mokhtar dusts off the issue in Dirty Work.

Thank you and You, for this journey. Wishing everyone a year of excellence in health, spirit and happiness!