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Dealing with Holiday Gloom

Tending to Soil and Spirit

Fashioned from Tradition

The Joy of Others

Holiday, Celebrate Issue

Here we are at one of the most fun times of the year – its finale! With holiday breaks and festivities abound, it’s hard not to get bitten by the convivial spirit in the air.

There may not be many celebrations typically associated with Muslims during this time, but sharing in The Joy of Others can strengthen our own faith, writes Sya Taha. One such example is Christmas, for to remember Jesus is to honour his life and remember his teachings. Alayna Ahmad brings us along on a deep spiritual journey about the man we refer to as Prophet Isa: A Soul from God.

We all have our own ways of spending the holiday season – if not a vacation, perhaps work, school, family or all three. That’s perfectly dandy, but taking regular breaks is vital for us all, says Fatimah Jackson-Best. Even spending five minutes to centre ourselves helps. Here’s how you can Rest, Revive, Revitalise even without a resort holiday. If this time of year ushers in the blues, however, take a look at Dealing with Holiday Gloom by Afia R Fitriati – ’cause we all have year-end stress to deal with at times.

“Family” refers to much more than just kinship. A group of people who give support and encourage you to be a better person need not be blood relatives. You don’t have to be at home to feel at home. Family ties, once broken, can heal.

Awie is a Malaysian man whose urge to give back to society led him to return home. Today, he and his partners run an organic farm that sustains not just nature and the environment, but also a group of single mothers who work in the spirit of camaraderie. Read their heartwarming story of how Tending to Soil and Spirit has reaped social rewards, by Mariam Mokhtar. For Meaghan Seymour, a meeting with her biological father used to be an event she hardly looked forward to. Today, however, her goal of Mending the Bonds is well underway.

Here at Aquila Style we are never short of amazing women to feature. In this issue we’ve got Fabulous Muslimah Amina Rasul-Bernardo, a Filipina who has spent her life in public service to boost literacy and alleviate poverty. Discover her tireless dedication to Developing Peace in Mindanao by Merium Kazmi. Next is author Randa Abdel-Fattah, who speaks with Ameera Al Hakawati about Muslim Chick Lit, Revisited. Finally, Shea Rasol talks to Sonya Ahmed, director of Nahara, a label that is Fashioned from Tradition.

The next time you are kicking back with a nice mug of chamomile and honey (my recent teabreak fave!), swipe through to New Zealand au Naturel by Amal Awad to join her (in spirit!) on her tour to Middle Earth – along with her trusty steed, Merlin.

I wish you a time of great relaxation and calm before the new year rolls in. See you in January’s Inspire issue!