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Gratitude Issue

In honour of the recent Festival of Sacrifice, we bring you Glimpses of the Hajj, a picture gallery of pilgrims experiencing the ultimate journey. Also, Afia R Fitriati tells us about the heart-warming and inspiring story of a woman who fulfilled her fifth pillar of Islam with The Trip of a Lifetime. Afia also offers us something that we hope will be useful: How to… Prepare for the Hajj.

Almost four decades ago, a Muslim feminist fresh out of graduate school unleashed an essential book examining the status of women in Islam. She didn’t stop there. Raquel Evita Saraswati tells us that there are plenty more works from Fabulous Muslimah: Fatima Mernissi that we can all learn from and be proud of today.

Jack McGee went to India – and all we got was a delightful account of his experience, Impressions of Moghul Delhi, immersing us all into the enchanted sights, sounds, smells and spiritual energy of the lively chaos of the capital. And in London Calling, Asmaa Shariff gives her advice as a local on how to make a trip to this iconic city a truly memorable one for a modest and fabulous Muslim woman like you.