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Hidden Facts of the Prophet’s Mosque

Fashion Designers from the Arab World

Beyond the Halal Label: Eating Ethically

Muslim Minorities Making Their Marks

Gratitude Issue

Dear Readers

The Hajj season is spectacular all in itself. Never mind the mindboggling size and figures, the pilgrims, the space, and the logistics of it all. This is an event that started centuries ago and continues to run purely on faith and the act of submission; its rituals have not changed since day one.

In honour of the Hajj, Eren Cervantes-Altamirano writes about Hajar: The Mother Behind The Festival of Sacrifice. Here was a woman who never gave up and always believed, making her an exceptional Fabulous Muslimah to be reckoned with. With Eid ul-Adha, you can forgive us for thinking of slaughtered animals and halal meat. We shall let Fatimah Jackson-Best explain how Beyond the Halal Label: Eating Ethically can align with our Islamic principles.

We flourish when we are in our elements. That is usually the case. So hats off to these Muslims who excel in what they do even as minorities in their country of residence. In Muslim Minorities Making Their Marks, Sya Taha showcases movers and shakers from a sumo wrestler to a scientist. Similarly, Sydney-based Rusaila Bazlamit is recognised for her artwork. She speaks with Amal Awad about her creative journey in Encompassing Expression. Still on the topic of creating, Shea Rasol showcases five Fashion Designers from the Arab World whose designs will make you feel like right royalty!

Here’s wishing all of you, our respected readers, a wonderful and blessed Eid ul-Adha! If you’d like to share your stories or pictures, tell us about your hometown, or suggest that we have a writer cover someone or something, don’t hesitate to write us at Check out this page on our website for more details.

Until the upcoming issue themed Happy New You, stay well!