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Where Paradise Lies

The Muslim Mr Mum

A Firm Place for Fostering

Fighting Cancer with Love & Faith

Family Issue

The far-reaching embrace of family extends out into the deepest layers of life. We feel its joy during celebrations and its reassurance when times are tough. In this month’s issue we feature the theme of family, in both a literal sense as well as a broader one.

Parents form a cornerstone of the concept of family in Islam. In Where Paradise Lies, Afia R Fitriati ponders the revered and seemingly untouchable position of mothers as bestowed by God Himself. Of course, let’s not discount the importance of fathers. In today’s world, the role of the principal caregiver is no longer reserved exclusively for mums. As Nasya Bahfen writes in The Muslim Mr Mum, the emerging trend of stay-at-home dads, though still tiny, appears to be on the rise.

Indeed, the career of a parent knows no end. Often, not even its beginning matters. With so many children in the world being rescued from broken homes, the social need for A Firm Place for Fostering continues to exist, writes Arwa Aburawa.

Yet let us remember that it is often the children who help the parents, reinforcing what a blessing kids are. This must be how Madam Salbiah feels about her school-going daughters, Sabrina and Syakirah, who contribute to the family’s income through their blogshop. Sham Latiff chats with the family in Serious Business: Two Kids, a Facebook Page and a Dream.

For Ophelia Haragli, it is not only her children but also her family, friends and even strangers who are helping her with a challenge. Ophelia is Fighting Cancer with Love & Faith; Amal Awad brings us her story.

Continuing on the topic of health, Sya Taha writes about Aisha Ibrahim, a woman who responded to a family tragedy with grace and determination. She took A Mother’s Vow to do whatever she could to eliminate the scourge of polio from her country and save children from this crippling and deadly disease.