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Empower Issue

What does it mean to be empowered? Perhaps it is best defined by disregarding the material measurements in life, writes Amenakin in Searching for Satisfaction. Amal Awad offers another train of thought in As Rare as a Ruby: that we should strive to be comfortable in our own skin without worry of others’ expectations — because believing in oneself is a precious thing.

We are honoured to be the first to feature the hitherto untold tale of Che Zahara, the Silent Heroine of Singapore. Sham Latiff relates the story of a woman who empowered the destitute to lead a dignified life. Moving forward to the present and ‘Down Under’ to the city of Melbourne, Amal Awad shares in No Boundaries how Eugenia Flynn, an Indigenous Aussie, engages community groups with an expressive approach.

Next, we move on to a riddle: What glides along swiftly and silently while creating commotion and confusion? The apparent contradiction behind this question is akin to a grievous sin in many countries, shares Arwa Aburawa.