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Anisa Mehdi: Storyteller Superstar

In Memory of Rabia, the Sufi Mystic

Islamic Prayer Garb for Women

Eid Clothing that Lasts

Eid Issue

Dear Readers

Eid mubarak! I wish everyone reading this a wonderful Eid ul-Fitr filled with delicious food, happy smiles, great spirits and beautiful memories, from my family to yours.

As our communities have become more affluent, the Islamic fashion industry has grown along with them – not just in the realm of retail, but also on the design side. Islamic designers and Islamic clothing are thriving in the marketplace at levels never before seen.

Exploring this fashion boom, Farrah Eman showcases Designers of Islamic Backgrounds whose top-notch works are sought after by a range of prominent personalities, be they thespians or politicians. Compiling the fashion-related pursuits of famous women in her country, Shea Rasol presents Malaysia’s Celebrity Labels, featuring attire from hijabs and niqabs to embellished boleros and footwear.

All this growth and passion in Islamic fashion has led us to dedicate a regular section of ours, Style Snippet, to highlighting the work of Muslim talents or budding Islamic fashion designers. In this issue we present Crystals & Petals, a fashion editorial masterminded by Aquila Style columnist Zinah Nur Sharif. Check it out and give her your support. Rounding out the fashion front, Islamic Prayerwear for Women shows you various types of prayer attire worn around the world.

All this talk about gorgeous yet transient things can make anyone dizzy, so I’d like to tell you about Eid Clothing that Lasts. What is it? Well, as Afia R Fitriati writes, it’s got to do with the kind of ‘outfit’ your heart wears when it’s a virtuous, God-loving one.

On that note, have a great time reading this month’s issue!