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Spectrum of Green

Fabulously Halal 2013


Women in Islamic Societies

Earth Issue

It’s in the very nature of Islam to love and preserve our Earth. Over time, however, mounting environmental problems have become a global concern. This, in turn, has caused public awareness of green issues to grow to heights perhaps unprecedented. This month’s lineup reflects our expanding consciousness of the planet and its intrinsic connection with our faith.

Yasemin Kanar (aka YazTheSpaz) is an inspiration to young Muslim women with her narratives and creations. We are delighted to feature her on our cover this month, as well as in a pictorial feature, In Her Elements, shot by the talented Lisa Vogl.

For the fourth year running, we bring you a roundup of halal products and services from around the globe. Compiled by Afia R Fitriati, Fabulously Halal lists brands, fashion labels and agencies that are either new or that continue to serve the needs of increasingly discerning consumers.

In the same spirit , Amal Awad examines this evolving industry in Beyond Halal. She also ponders the personal role of individuals in environmentalism with Spectrum of Green. Shedding material goods in favour of embracing the natural world is a defining concept for Sufi Muslims. Inside, Shireen Qudosi pens her thoughts on how they remain Grounded to God.

Reporting on Bangladesh and Oman is Arwa Aburawa, who enlightens us with stories about the revival of two age-old solutions in the fight to mitigate challenges posed by climate change. Find out what they are in Ancient Innovations for Modern Problems.