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Hip-Hop Hijabis

Social Projects

Samina Ali: A Woman’s Warrior

Presenting Islam: Kristiane Backer

Arts Issue

Dance that inspires thought, words to make us feel, artworks that encourage conversations and films that touch our soul; welcome to the Arts issue, featuring an array of creations that appeal to the psyche and senses.

Let us begin with Ahmad Moualla, Shahzia Sikander and Rokni Haerizadeh. These three prolific Middle Eastern artists each deliver their own unique interpretation of contemporary issues through their art, as showcased by Sheena Baharudin. Also defying conventions is Amirah Sackett from the US who champions the original spirit of hip-hop through her choreography and even personality. Nasya Bahfen brings us Amirah’s story in Hip-Hop Hijabis. Next, the one and only caligraffiti artist eL Seed returns to our pages to discuss his upcoming documentary with In the Beating Heart of Tunisia by Amal Awad.

Rounding out our focus on stellar artsy folks is Samina Ali: A Woman’s Warrior. Her role as curator of online exhibition Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices is not the sole reason she graces our pages this issue. We are also featuring her as an Aquila Style Fabulous Muslimah for her never-say-die attitude that has kept her not only alive and kicking, but also contributing towards the betterment of society through reinforcing the God-given rights of Muslim women.

For pages of literally delectable art, flip to From Palate to Palette: The Creative World of Food Arts to enjoy the visuals of food design, display and photography. Learn also How to Conduct an Amateur Photo Shoot like a Pro for anything: your blog, shop or new business venture. It’s an especially apt skill in today’s world that believes if you don’t photograph it, it doesn’t seem to exist. Zinah Nur Sharif shows you the way.

Using her position to give back to her people is Kristiane Backer, formerly an MTV VJ. Arwa Aburawa tells us more about this passionate advocate of the teachings of Islam. And in Social Projections, Arwa speaks with Haifaa Al Mansour about Wadjda, her award-winning film about a little Arab girl’s determination to pursue her dream at a time when women’s independence and mobility are hot-button topics in her society. Moving on to the realm of spoken word, Alia Gabres is A Poet with a Purpose who shares her rhyming reason: discovery.