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The Dervish of Parc Ex

‘The Dervish of Parc Ex’ is a harrowing true story of despair and human transcendence.
When Hassan Jabli left his traditional homeland of Morocco some 30 years ago for Montreal, Canada, he was a free-spirited, adventurous young man; but through a series of reckless decisions and personal misfortunes, he descended into a lifestyle of hard drug and alcohol abuse.
For years he drifted towards the margin of society becoming homeless and untouchable, until a brutal accident in the metro left Hassan devastated, on the verge of death.
After months in a coma, Hassan miraculously re-awoke to life, yet found himself forever changed: in the metro accident his body had been crushed, and severe brain damage had caused a mental regression that left him infant-like
Effectively disabled, Hassan would painstakingly relearn even life’s basics: eating, toilet, walking, speaking. Yet as he underwent the struggle for rehabilitation over the coming years, he could have scarcely dreamt of the dynamic and spirited community of Muslim immigrants he was about to encounter that would help him to rediscover his place in life.
Where the Dervish of Parc Ex begins as a cautionary tale, it develops into a deeply poignant meditation on the nature of destiny and the beauty of being alive- recounted by a man who, in the midst of utter hopelessness, became witness to the miraculous.
This film is currently in development.
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