Modest Style

Meetha Khan


Meetha Khan and Jan Mohammad Jat inhabiting the remote village of Bhaagadia in the Rann of Kutch, have the distinction of being proponents of possibly the rarest of the rare music genres in India- the Waai style of music.

Tracing its genesis to the elemental human need to call out to the divine by way of music, the Waai style was passionately created by the celebrated Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bihtai of Sindh.

The first exponents of this style that is sung in Kutchi, Sindhi and Punjabi were the fakirs (followers) of Shah Latif.

Meetha Khan and Jan Mohammad Jat are descendants of the Jat Muslims from Baluchistan who traversed the rugged terrain and colossal distances through Sindh and brought this invaluable genre to Kutch in Gujarat.

As Meetha Khan sings in his high pitched voice it is not difficult to see that it is an incredibly complex genre to master and yet there is palpable an unmistakable sense of transcendence. 
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